Quick Hindi Grammar Guide Part 1 – The Basics
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Pop the sheets into a 40-page display book, carry it to class and keep it handy for homework.

Included: the Hindi spellings of all the forms of होना and all the pronouns; how the spellings of nouns and adjectives change in the direct and oblique cases, singular and plural; easy to follow examples of comparisons, agreement of adjectives, possession and the 3 expressions for ‘to have’; when to use तू तुम आप; help with इस इन उस उन , a big list of postpositions; a list of words that mean 'all, every'; help with word order and sentence construction, help with translating Hindi pronouns into English; help with the words for inside, outside, before, in front, behind and after.

Set out clearly, with the minimum of waffle and almost no distracting romanisation.

Check grammer points quickly and easily.
Get the spelling and pronunciation right first time, provided you can read the script.

Find the answer as you speak in class and take the hard work out of written homework.

  NEW in 2014 Verb Tenses
    More Oblique Constructions
    Everyday Words
  NEW in 2015 Time and Adverbs
    More Verbs
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