My name is Ruth, and I am the author of this scheme.
To be honest, I'm not that good in Hindi, but I've tried to turn that to my, and your, advantage. I can remember how difficult Hindi was at first so i've included all the little tips and ideas that helped me in the early stages.

Indu, on the other hand, has spoken Hindi all her life and takes a lively interest in how it is taught and learned. She has some good, solid ideas and whenever I have a problem, she solves it for me.

I'm based in the UK, in Essex; she lives in Delhi. Our addresses, if you want to contact us, are below. Just be sure to put her full name, Indu Gondal, in the subject box. They get a lot of emails at the Gondal Press; she won't receive it if you don't make it clear that it's for her.

  Ruth Thompson   Indu Gondal
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